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At RealtyGenensis Company, we invest in income producing real estate ventures that take advantage of our market knowledge, management experience and our entrepreneurial spirit.

Investment Objectives and Strategy
  1. Achieve above market returns thru opportunistic/situational acquisitions where assets are underperforming or are distressed as a result of improper capitalization, poor management, temporary market downturns or other exogenous factors.
  2. Align RealtyGenesis success with Investor returns by maintaining a low-overhead, entrepreneurial environment with a performance based reward system.
  3. Produce long-term sustainable results through use of best practices and technology in managing financial performance, asset quality, and tenant satisfaction.
  4. Provide superior “owner oriented” operations management of held assets specifically tailored to their individual investment objectives.
  5. Monitor local/regional/ product type market conditions to optimize exit sale timing. We seek always to take advantage of inefficiencies that develop in the market.

 Multi-Family Investment Criteria

  • Market rate or affordable apartment communities
  • Garden-style, mid-rise, high-rise construction 
  • Acquisition of fee or partnership interests
  • Joint ventures with existing owners
  • Single asset or portfolio acquisitions 
  • Opportunistic/situational investments
  • Target markets include northeastern United States (primarily New England, New York, Pennsylvania)