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RGC provides comprehensive asset management services to individual and institutional property owners including: estates, trusts, lenders, partnerships, tenant-in-common entities and individual investors.   Our asset managers are experienced in multifamily, office, retail, life science and industrial properties.

RGC offers our clients customized asset management programs which include the following services:

·         Property Management Oversight (Management Reviews)

·         Long-Range Planning

·         Capital Budgeting

·         Accounting and Financial Management Reviews

·         Investment Analysis and Returns

·         Risk Management and Insurance Oversight

·         Real Estate Tax Valuation and Abatement

·         Marketing-Leasing Supervision

·         REO-MIP-Receiver  Services

·         Property and Portfolio Restructure and Liquidation

·         Strategic Planning, Asset Allocation, Consulting

·         Investor Relations

·         Development Project Management and Project Completion for Lenders